Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Muppet Wedding

*** Transferred from old blog****

So before Pinterest was cool and everyone was taking inspiration from other people's blogs I got married in a very DIY way. Thanks to my mom and a few other wedding fairies along the way my husband and I had a really nice wedding that looked like someone had professionally decorated. Let's face it, getting married is expensive and at the time I had just lost my job so taking that in to consideration this was more wedding than I could have done on my own.

My first bit of inspiration came from the escalators at Neimen Marcus in the Millenia Mall here in Orlando, FL. If you have never seen them they are a magical experience. I know looking at this first picture you are like... uh it's a mess of butterflies big deal.

But as you go up the escalators and look up you are surrounded in this awesomeness.
I wanted this recreated somehow in my wedding. My mom took this idea and ran with it. Unfortunately the ceiling was a bit low in the venue that we had but my mom did her best to recreate the idea on a less grand scale.
Here we are dancing with the flower girl and I can not tell who Kenn is with but you can see the butterflies on the dance floor here.
She also had one strand at each table. I was a bit skeptical about the method that she was hanging them, because when I think wedding the last thing I am thinking is balloons. But it really worked out so well!
This picture is in the day light but it looks really nice at night too and to be honest I never noticed the balloons!

Did I mention yet that my mom did all of the flowers too?
I guess I should call them my MIHW (Mom did it herself wedding!)

My mom and I went all over Orlando to different targets to get the glass bowls on clearance. I think they were like $6 or $8 dollars each. All of the flowers are real with the exception of the hydrangea.
Not only did she decorate the reception venue she also did the flowers at the wedding site.
Clearly my mom has missed her calling in life. The next few shots are from the out door gazebo we got married in. She sort of had free reign because I was not 100 sure what I really wanted. We went with the light pink color because in my dress there are delicate flowers in that ice pink color.

My Parents :) All four of them!

How many people can say that one of their brides maids came all the way from Paris France to be in their wedding? :)

My best friends :) And my adorable flower girl!
You can bearly see it but there are small white butterflies in the bouquets. The bouquets we actually had made at a local florist.

Ok back to the reception. My mom and Linda (a good friend of our family, who kept the wedding together day of and kept my mother sane from my some times bridezilla moments! thank you so much!) Linda also helped my mom with so much for this wedding I know mom and I can not thank her enough. :) 
Anyway the two of them worked very hard on the wedding favors. They were these tiny topiary trees made with strawberry cheesecake Jelly Bellys (My favorite flavor!). apparently they looks so good that like NO ONE took them home! haha.. We ended up with over 20 after the wedding. This picture is terribly dinky but I still have one in a shadow box that someone made us so they held out! I wouldn't eat the jelly beans but you know! The inspiration for this was to do something whimsical and to use the Jelly Belly because it is one of those "things" between Kenn and I. I actually gave him a Jelly Belly candy machine as his groom gift.

The table cards were also hand made by my mom. :) And each card color stood for the food item they selected on the menu, clever girl!

Here are the ladies that helped my mom pull it together.

Jo on the left took our pictures, then there is my mom and Linda and my self. :)
We also put the grandma's, aunts, cousins and close friends to work!

My mom found a wedding dress and took off the top layer to make me a full length veil for the ceremony and I had a short one for the reception.

Hard at work folding napkins.

And my very pregnant brides maid flowing programs. What a trooper she was 95 degree heat in the middle of June outdoor wedding. I don't even know what I was thinking! haha..

So some of the extras:
I painted my aisle runner as well as shirts for my wedding party.

Our cake topper has recently become something highly searched for since the Muppet movie came on and the Muppets are making a come back.
Kenn and I have a love for the Muppets and it just so happens that he is a bit of a weirdo and I am a chicken so the Gonzo and Camilla figures that I found on ebay were the perfect wedding topper. Add a tiny bit of tulle and some sparkles, thank you glue dots, and tada! Instant wedding topper for your cake!

It is hard to tell but the pattern on this cake is like the one on my dress minus the green. I will add for any people who know, this is a Publix cake so yes it was delicious and half the price of a fancy pants wedding cake!
Here is the grooms cake also from Publix!

You can kind of see the Sweedish Chef on the table in this picture below and back up at the picture of the cake there is a picture of Gonzo and Camilla.
 Another one of my moms friends had drew all of the Muppets that we chose to name out tables after! Amazing! She even sent two from Germany where she was visiting right before the wedding.
We still have these and did have them hung for a while but  I am looking for a better way to display them right now they are in storage :(

With the Muppet theme our wedding party entered to the muppet theme song playing in the background.

I do not think that Kenn and I ever really got the chance to tell everyone that was involved with the prep work and those who attended thank you so please consider this your big thank you! :)

And thank you to these two trouble makers who brought Kenn and I together in the first place!